Explaining and predicting the ocean conveyor

Generating a new concept of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), its function in the Earth system and how it impacts weather and climate

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Leaving Nuuk
In the NW Atlantic

Expedition MSM121 has just finished work at the Flemish Cap in the NW Atlantic. Check out our expedition blog from the team on board RV Maria S. Merian

Mooring buoys2 © E Frajka Williams
What is the AMOC?

The AMOC or Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is a large-scale circulation pattern in the ocean. It is responsible for northward transport of heat equivalent to 1 million power plants.

Mooring buoys on the back deck © E Frajka Williams
AMOC variability and climate

Fluctuations in the AMOC are responsible for changing the distribution of heat, carbon and other properties within the ocean, with knock-on effects for atmospheric circulation and climate.

Sunset at sea2 © E Frajka Williams
Observing the AMOC

The AMOC was traditionally observed using hydrographic sections from ships. One expedition lasted up to 6 weeks and produced a single estimate. Now we use moored observations to make continuous observations.

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Atlantic overturning: new observations and challenges

Atlantic overturning: new observations and challenges 23 October 2023 A new collection of scientific papers summarising the latest knowledge on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) are published online today (23 October 2023). The papers follow as a result of a scientific

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Deployment of new pressure sensors at 26ºN

Two new sensors have been deployed at 26°N in the Atlantic to measure ocean bottom pressure. Ocean pressure has been measured for decades, but typically suffers from ‘drift’ in the measurement – meaning that the measured value becomes more inaccurate over time.

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