EPOC expeditions: 26N mooring deployment 2023

Key facts

Dates: 5 February – 10 March 2023

Vessel: RV Endeavour

Lead scientist: Ben Moat (NOC, PI of RAPID project), Louis Clement

Work area: Western boundary of the subtropical North Atlantic at the RAPID moorings at 26°N

Key objectives: Deployment of two Sonardyne AZA drift-correcting pressure sensors (as part of a wider RAPID expedition)

EPOC partners involved: WP5

Mooring line map 26N
Map showing location of the 26N RAPID mooring array in the North Atlantic. Figure from Frajka-Williams et al. (2016)

The two pressure sensors will be used to evaluate whether the barotropic large-scale transport variability can be directly measured.  At present, this contribution to the measured AMOC transport is inferred using various assumptions at the different measurement arrays.  

Data will be recovered in a future expedition and evaluated alongside existing tall moorings from the RAPID 26°N project and satellite altimetry data.

Read news article, 16 March 2023

AZA pressure sensor
Sonardyne AZA deployment on the RAPID 26°N expedition in February 2023.

Reference: Frajka-Williams et al. (2016). Compensation between meridional flow components of the Atlantic MOC at 26° N. DOI:  10.5194/os-12-481-2016