Project deliverables

The following deliverables are available for public dissemination. Please direct any queries to
Deliverable No.TitleLead partnerDate dueStatus
D6.1EPOC dissemination, exploitation and communication plan, and websiteSSCDec 2022Complete
(in review)
D7.1Data management planUNIHBDec 2022Complete
(in review)
D1.1Palaeo proxy recordsUCLDec 2023Complete
(in review)
D1.2Heat and freshwater transport variability through Arctic gateways (2004-2020)NPIDec 2024In progress
D6.2Updated EPOC dissemination, exploitation and communication planSSCJun 2025Pending
D7.2Updated data management planUNIHBJun 2025Pending
D1.3AMOC transport variability and coherence from observations and modelsNOCDec 2025Pending
D5.1Moored biogeochemical measurements in the Atlantic: performance assessmentNOCDec 2025Pending
D3.1Evaluation of the robustness of AMOC proxiesUREADMar 2026Pending
D4.1Assessment of AMOC-related impacts and abrupt changes including tipping points in high-resolution coupled modelsMPIMAug 2026Pending
D3.2Synthesis report: The variability of the AMOC since 1850 and its driversUCLDec 2026Pending
D4.2Analysis of key processes governing future AMOC responses to abrupt 4xCO2 forcingCNRSDec 2026Pending
D2.1The role of the NAC on DWBC variability and its influence on AMOC coherenceUNIHBJan 2027Pending
D4.3Synthesis report: Future AMOC evolution and proximity to abrupt changeNOCMar 2027Pending
D2.2Synthesis report: The role of the Transition Zone in maintaining or breaking AMPC coherenceIFREMERApr 2027Pending
D5.2Synthesis report: Recommendations for future AMOC observingUHAMApr 2027Pending
D6.3Policy brief on outcomes of EPOCSSCApr 2027Pending
D6.4EPOC Final Synthesis: Achievements, outcomes and exploitation plansSSCJun 2027Pending