Flemish Cap and Flemish Pass

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11 October 2023

Blog entry by Ilmar Leimann

During the recent days of our expedition, we have been fortunate to witness a remarkable improvement in the weather. We’ve made the most of these favourable conditions to accomplish several significant tasks.

To kick things off, we found ourselves at Flemish Pass, where we conducted a CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) and LADCP (Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) section.

After that, we sailed north of Flemish Cap, where we successfully deployed four moorings. The deployment of these moorings is a crucial step in our data collection strategy for this oceanic region. This achievement represents a significant leap forward in our quest to meet our research objectives.

We then returned to Flemish Pass, where we completed the deployment of the final mooring. This is a momentous milestone, signifying that our research infrastructure, with all moorings fully operational, is now ready to gather data over an extended period.

Looking ahead, our next destination will be the PIES (Pressure-Inverted Echo Sounder) array, where we will deploy the remaining four PIES instruments.
In summary, over the past few days, our expedition has been blessed with favourable weather conditions, and our deployments have been overwhelmingly successful. This progress is propelling us closer to achieving our research goals and expanding our knowledge of the ocean environment in this area.

CTD deployment at sunset
Buoy deployment

Deploying the CTD and moorings. Images courtesy Eleanor Frajka Williams

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