EPOC expedition MSM121 is underway!

View as Maria S. Merian leaves port

Sailing on the German research vessel RV Maria S. Merian, the team left Nuuk, Greenland and is heading south to the Flemish Cap to deploy new moorings and pressure sensors…

The journey begins: Hunting the northern lights

Northern lights over Reykjavik

The journey begins: Hunting the northern lights 23 September 2023 Blog entry by Maria-Jesus Rapanague and Ilmar Lieman Two days ago (21 September) we set off for Nuuk, passing through Iceland for one night. One of the great things about fieldwork is the chance to see new places, so some of us spent the evening […]

Deployment of new pressure sensors at 26ºN

AZA pressure sensor

Two new sensors have been deployed at 26°N in the Atlantic to measure ocean bottom pressure. Ocean pressure has been measured for decades, but typically suffers from ‘drift’ in the measurement – meaning that the measured value becomes more inaccurate over time. This occurs due to the deformation of the sensor itself under the effect […]

New monthly AMOC webinar series

Mooring buoys2 © E Frajka Williams

A new monthly webinar series, focused on advances in AMOC science, kicks off in March 2023. Featuring AMOC researchers from around the globe, the series builds towards the CLIVAR workshop on ‘Meeting AMOC Observation Needs in a Changing Climate‘, which takes place in Hamburg, Germany on 18-20 July 2023. The new webinar series is coordinated […]

EPOC at the Arctic Science Summit Week

Sunset at sea2 © E Frajka Williams

EPOC and its Arctic elements were presented in a pitch presentation by Laura de Steur (Norwegian Polar Institute) during the EU Polar Cluster Community Meeting (18 February 2023) at the Arctic Science Summit Week. The session provided an overview of the EU Polar Cluster  and an opportunity for EU Polar Cluster member projects to share information, […]