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Our first deployment!

28 September 2023

Blog entry by Ilmar Liemann and Maria-Jesus Rapanague

Today, we successfully deployed the first of four moorings in the area south of the Grand Banks, spanning a length of 3812 meters. These moorings are equipped with a range of sophisticated instruments, including MicroCATs, which perform measurements of temperature, conductivity (for salinity calculation) and pressure (depth). Additionally, we employed Aquadopps, specialised devices designed to provide valuable data on water velocity and direction in the ocean, crucial for our research on ocean circulation.

The deployment conditions couldn’t have been more ideal. The sea was exceptionally calm, devoid of any strong wind gusts, and we were fortunate to avoid rainfall. Interestingly, the air temperature unexpectedly rose to 19°C, while the surface water temperature measured 24°C. This divergence might indicate that we crossed paths with the Gulf Stream’s edge, adding an intriguing dimension to our expedition.

As we look ahead, we’re hopeful that the serene weather conditions persist in the coming days. Our primary objective is to continue deploying the remaining moorings across the Grand Banks before we transition to our next research area.

MSM121 mooring deployment
MSM121 mooring deployment (2)

Above: Deploying our first moorings – it’s a team effort! Both images © Christian Mertens.

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